Verify script

The following script will download each of the SHA256 hash and cryptographically verified signature of my signal safety numbers. Once the files are downloaded and confirmed you may compare my five safety numbers against the conversation we have connected.1

curl -o signal-safety-numbers.txt
curl -o signal-safety-numbers.txt.sig
curl -o signal-safety-numbers.txt.sha256
curl -o litobro.keys
cat signal-safety-numbers.txt | ssh-keygen -Y check-novalidate -n file -f litobro.keys -s signal-safety-numbers.txt.sig
echo "$(cat signal-safety-numbers.txt.sha256)" | sha256sum --check

Valid output should appear as:

Good "file" signature with RSA key SHA256:vQqBvdn/9FLCLsE1H4qdiSEu1qE5BDUh6Nf4NpGiacs
signal-safety-numbers.txt: OK
  1. Signal safety numbers are the concatenated public safety number of both members of the conversation. Your half of the safety number remains static and is either appended or prepended (depending on size) to my number.